Hi, I'm DeviatedDroid - the person behind Deviated Graphics. I've made it my goal to create high quality graphics for you, and your content, working from hand drawn in a sketchbook, and including you all the way. But how about a few facts about me, I mean just in case your curious.

I started to offer my services as a graphic designer after my dog had an unexpected vets bill, that put me in financial difficulty, and a friend suggested that I give it a go. Ever since then I've invested my time in looking at how I can improve my skills and constantly working on self development and improving my own work flow.

I spent 6 years at college studying Graphic Design, and a further 2 years focused on Art and Design, more recently I've been working on improving my workflow through the use of Skillshare. As for how I decided to offer my services for content creators - I myself am one, so I'm familiar with the expectations of the community.